This week's Best of Femjoy features one of our - and your - favorite models to ever grace the pages Femjoy. The adorable, beautiful, soft and sensuous Danica in her latest set "Whisperings". Who among us would not relish the thought of having Danica whisper sweet nothings in our ear? :) Danica has been with Femjoy for some time now, and we have loved every moment we've spent with her and every photo we've ever had the pleasure of taking of her. She is truly one of the Best of Femjoy and we couldn't be happier to call her a Femjoy Beauty.Thankfully, our members love her too. Here's what some of them had to say about this latest set from one of our true favorites;"Danica is beyond beautiful. She is Beauty. The living personification. The tender, beating heart of it.""A beautiful set of a beautiful girl. Thank you so much to all involved for this wonderful display of beauty - both feminine and artistic.""Beautifully feminine facial features distinguish this angel. The pose may be one of the most flattering ever. Babe you are a work of art.""A lesson in composing the perfect picture, detail, setting, mood, light and shade. This photographer has a creative eye, and thats the distinction. Beautiful""Beautiful, imaginative,artistic, fun, and sexy. That's the kind of images you get when you combine a naturally beautiful, gifted model like Danica and a true artist like Platonoff. What a collaboration these two have been for so many fantastic galleries. Bravo once again!""Danica is quite simply perfection, every part of beautiful face and body is just perfect, what a joy to see."Well said members, and thanks for the comments. We feel the same about this lovely angel and that's why we feel she is among the "Best of Femjoy". If you haven't already, come on in and see what makes Danica so special. You won't have to look too far. : ) Enjoy!

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