This week's Best of Femjoy features the adorable and oh so sexy Caprice in "Turned On". Needless to say, we were all turned on during this shoot, as Caprice is one of the sexiest women we have ever had the privilege of being around, as well as photographing. So sweet, so soft spoke, so delightful to be around, she makes every moment of every shoot a pleasure. And with each shoot we do together, she becomes more mature, more confident, more secure with herself. This is one of the great joys of working with such beautiful women over a span of time - you get to witness their growth, both physically as well as spiritually. This is both an honor and a privilege and we couldn't be happier to call Caprice one of the Best of Femjoy because she certainly is. But enough about what we think of her, here's what some of her adoring fans think of her and her latest set with Femjoy;"Absolutely incredible.""A tier one model at the top of her game. Achingly beautiful!""I'm glad she likes to show off her ass. Who am I to look the other way??? Thanks for being so uninhibited in your poses, Caprice dear.""Another all-naked set for today! And this shot shows ALL of Caprice's beauty spots. They turn me on, for sure.""I don't know what turned you on, Caprice, but you can guess what turned ME on, dear.""Oh Sooo Fine!""Soft, smooth, easy on the eyes, soothing.. Wow, look at the comments.. Caprice is a star.""Always looks fantastic.""Caprice's boobs are just fantastic but I love everything about this young lady!!""I love this young lady Caprice is truly fantastic!!""Caprice is always delightful, and here she offers yet another experience.""Caprice is the prettiest, sexiest girl I've ever seen in my life - and I've been around awhile. I love the way her hair looks so clean and fluffy, her eyes are mesmerizing. Her arms, all the parts a guy normally doesn't focus his attention on, are just beautiful and sexy. Caprice it is obvious you really take care of yourself. You look like someone people probably really like to be around - and I mean personality in addition to good looks. I'd give anything to have a girl like you.""Caprice gets more beautiful with every photo set. She is by far my favorite model.""Oh Caprice the adventure of love darling, swseetheart, angel, wow what a beautiful lady of paradise.""So incredibly sexy that it's almost unbearable.."Well said members, and thanks for all the comments. We know Caprice appreciates them all. We feel just the way you do about our little Caprice and are proud to call her one the Best of Femjoy. We hope you enjoy this latest set - and all of her other sets with us - and look forward to many more. Enjoy!

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