You could tell at the shoot that the two girls were having so much fun. There was a freshness, a vitality, an excitement in the air that you never feel with a one girl shoot and only feel rarely at a two girl shoot. What was it that was making these two beauties have such a good time? Fact is, they have been best of friends since they were in elementary school, and posing naked together was something they'd talked of doing many times, but only now were they getting the chance.Katka and Jenny are real life friends. They met at a small school in Prague when they were 9 years old. But now, as young women, the world is a new place to them, and they are taking risks and enjoying pleasures that are widening their womanly horizons. Like you see in these photos. Every smile, every joyful gesture, every hint of intimacy between these two girls is real, because that's exactly the way they've always been with each other.In terms of their friendship dynamics, Katka is the goofy one who's always making jokes, and Jenny is the more serious one. Further, Katka has a lot more experience posing naked, so she's shed her inhibitions, while Jenny is new at this, so she's a bit shyer. That's why you can tell that Katka is prodding...almost teaching...Jenny on how to do it. Just look closely and you'll see how special this event is for the two of them.Two beautiful friends, one powerful nude experience. Brought to you by FEMJOY.

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