This week's exclusive photo set features the debut set from the adorable and oh so sexy Yani L. A bit shy at first, Yani warmed up very quickly. The photographer and staff really worked hard to make her feel comfortable and the result was just wonderful. It's such a pleasure to work with someone who is so trusting as Yani was. The result is a set full of moments intimate moments that even she did not know she was capable of. Here's what some of our members had to say about this newest, cutest Femjoy Beauty; "Yani is lovely. She has that lovely slender lithe body that I find so attractive. Jadi and Stacey are similarly delightful. I love Yani's beautiful long legs and her sweet little butt cheeks are so very pretty. Thanks, Yani, for giving us these wonderful images of your beautiful body. Thanks, especially, for all the lovely shots of your adorable little bottom.""I love this new photoset from a new lovely lady! Yani L is beautiful and I can only hope there is much more to come from her very soon! A fantastic addition to an already amazing site, welcome Yani L!""Too damn pretty and sexy, loving this set and Yani herself!""An instant classic, a girl from so far, her sensuous appeal in no doubt. A brilliant debut breathtakingly presented, has to be "top drawer"...""Welcome, Yani, to Femjoy. This photo shows us just how gorgeous you really are. I hope we see you back again real soon, dear.""A compelling gallery of poetic intensity, the rhythm of stylish eroticism a pleasurable bewilderment in the dark recesses of my mind. Her thighs open, bewitchingly exquisite, infecting me with an aching desire for young love.""Utterly breathtaking ~ a sublime presentation of beautiful erotic images. Compellingly creative and sensuous, brilliant...""So sweet!! Welcome Yani.""Terrific premiere for lovely Yani. A beautiful introduction to her adorable body. She is petite yet has wonderful little curves. ""So sweet! My favorite of the set. Yani is fantastic!""Pretty darn sweet lady!""An outstanding image of exquisite erotica...""Adorable :)"Well said members. We think she's pretty adorable too, which is why we decided to feature her this week as she has made such an impression on all of us. We hope you take the chance, if you haven't already, to view this debut set from one of our newest and cutest Femjoy Beauties. Enjoy! :)

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