This week's Best of Femjoy features a long-time Femjoy favorite Simona in "Face to Face". And who wouldn't want to be face to face with this goddess? Her beautifully statuesque figure is so sexy it's unbelievable really. Sometimes, during a shoot, there will be moments when everyone is just standing around in amazement that this woman even exists, and then we realize she is real, and eager to be photographed by us ahhh, life is good. : ) And what's even better is that we get to share her with you! This is what we do, and we love doing it. We also love hearing from our dear members about how they feel about these beautiful women, and here's what some of them had to say about this latest set from one of our favorite Femjoy Beauties; "Oh yeah... one of the best models ever... and one of the best bodies ever... wow. I love it when Simona shows up. Such a beauty. Thanks for returning Simona. Hope to see you again soon.""Simona's body is about as close to perfection as is possible. Her features are so lovely and slender. I love her long legs and her bottom is very pretty. Simona's buttocks are very cute and it is just delightful that she has allowed us to admire her naked bottom.""A beautiful set of an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Such a beautiful frame. A goddess. So confident. So regal, yet so sensual. Beautiful. Well done to all involved.""Simona, thank you for blessing us with one of your rare smiles. You are even more beautiful in this gallery than your last.""i'm in love with this model..""Excellent excellent.""Magnificent!""What a beautiful lady!""Wonderful total nudes of beautiful Simona. Always love when the model is posed completely free and nude to exhibit her as the work of art that she is.""Very nice!! It has lightened up my day."Well said members. We're so glad to be able to bring such beauty into your life and Simona is just that pure beauty. If you haven't seen her latest set - or any of her many other sets - please do yourself a favor and take the time to indulge you won't regret it. :) Enjoy!

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