This week's Best of Femjoy features the always sweet, always beautiful Anne P. in "Come To Me". There are so many clever things to say about that title so we'll just let you come up with your own. :) All we know is, Anne was stunningly beautiful when we first met her, and she is even more beautiful now how is that possible? How do women do that? However they do it, we're just glad she has decided to share this beauty with us. It is always a pleasure to work with this wonderful gal and why we have chosen her for this week's "Best of Femjoy". But enough of what we think about Anne - here's what some of our happy members had to say about one of our most popular Femjoy Beauties; "Anne is a gorgeous girl with a stunningly perfect body and a beautiful face.""This woman glistens in this shot, and many others. What a beautiful set and a beautiful woman. Thank you and well done to all involved.""Anne is so very beautiful and it is an amazing privilege to be allowed to see her naked. Anne is so courageous to pose her lovely body and allow us to view her lovely bare buttocks. This is such an arousing image with Anne's sweet bottom looking delightful. I adore the shape of her butt cheeks and the little creases at their base are so sweet. Thanks, Anne, for this pose.""Astounding beauty in this gallery! Anne is so lovely as to be almost otherworldly. As always, her poses are marvelous and highly-charged as well. Great work and thanks to both model and photographer on a superb set!""What a spectacular woman Anne is, lovely in every shot. Thanks!""Oh, Anne. Every movement, every glance... Everything about her is pure elegance. One of the most beautiful women in the world.""Absolutely incredible""Anne's photo sets never fail to get me fully aroused, she always seems to hit on some of the hottest poses, like this one with her arched back, her sweet ass up in the air, the way her ankles are crossed, so fine.""Anne is so beautiful. She is an absolute work of art!""You can't find a better body anywhere.""Oh, Anne!! You are simply fantastic and you look so mature for your age. A beautiful face and hair, full and natural breasts, a perfectly shaved and delicious vagina and long legs. Who could ask for more ? Your boyfriend must be a very lucky man!! And if you happen to be single, I am sure that many of us would sacrifice a lot to be your man :-)""I've exhausted my superlatives for this beauty. Every time she appears is an 'event'."Well said members. We feel the same way and that is why we chose her to be this week's Best of Femjoy. If you haven't already seen it, please take the time to check out her latest set "Come To Me" and all her other sets with Femjoy. Enjoy!

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