This week's best of Femjoy features the return of the one and only Ariel in "Yoga". Obviously, Ariel is fit, and loves to exercise. Her latest passion is yoga and we thought it would be beautiful to photograph her doing what she loves naked, of course. :) She was more than happy to do it in the hopes of inspiring others to do it as she believes it to be the best way to stay in shape for all of her other passions. here's what some of her many fans had to say about this truly beautiful woman and her sexy poses;"Set after set, she proves herself to be perfection. I have never reacted so strongly, so consistently, to another model. She is simply a gift.""A marvel, really!!! Six stars******""Zowie! What a gal!""Thank you, Ariel and Stefan, for the many shots in this set that I can use for wallpaper. There is nothing better than having Ariel's lovely body greet me when my monitor turns on each day!""You are a living work of art, sweet beauty ! Thank you, thank you, thank you.""I dont think there is a model that portrays more confidence in her beauty, and the joy men feel when observing her. This photo would make a great silhouette.""Classic Ariel, classically beautiful. From image to image, layout to layout Ariel only seems to evolve, always hitting the seeming impossibility that is perfection. Thank you for unselfishly sharing your wonders with us and bringing us along for the ride. I am very happy today...""If it were now to die, T'were now to be most happy" - Othello.""A female Buddha ... the way to Happiness.""Ariel doing yoga : an incredible feat in serenity, balance, beauty ...It is good to be alive to see such perfection. A "Thank you" is not enough; a thousand "Thank yous" would not be enough. Ariel, you are an enchantment, a dream come true. And there is no praise loud and clear enough for Stefan's artistry and wizardry. Every Photo in this set is a work of art and a contribution to the happiness of all concerned.""It is sets like this that are true art. I hope we can see much more like this in the future.""Superb!! Ariel you are amazing ;-D"Well said members. We totally agree. If you haven't already, take some time to relax with Ariel and check out her poses in her latest set, as well as all her other sexy sets with Femjoy. You can't go wrong. Enjoy!

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