This week's exclusive photo set features the unbelievably sexy and sultry Vic E. When we first met her, she was waiting tables. A bit bored, she was looking for something fun to do. Thankfully, this was it! : ) She's so easy to work with playful, fun, and bit of a tease and we love it and her. Here's what some of our members had to say about this sexy vixen and her set "Without Words"; "Gorgeous! Vic has many features of interest. Silky nice shaped legs, beautiful breast, sensual back, her dark eyes, inviting lips, and the list goes on and on. She is truly like an assorted box of chocolates; full of sweet temptations." "Somebody call an ambulance! My heart just stopped! Vic's gorgeous, slender and nicely shaped figure is enough to leave any man breathless.""Vic is delightful. She has such a lovely slender figure and delicate features.""Vic is absolutely gorgeous from head to toe, but it's her face that I keep returning to. Those deep dark eyes and soft lips, that sensuous arch to her eyebrows... Enchanting and beautiful." Yes to all and we are so glad. It's our pleasure to bring you this sultry, sexy Femjoy beauty and our honor to be able to call her so. Thanklfully our members are not "without words" we hope the same is true for you. Enjoy!

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