This week's Best of Femjoy features long time favorite Stacey in "When I'm Alone". Shot by one of the best photographers in the business, Stefan Soell, this photo series highlights Stacey's simple, pure beauty. She doesn't need much to be beautiful, and Stefan doesn't need much to capture it. It's right there, after all ready to be captured at any moment. We love working with Stacey, as you can probably imagine, it's not hard to look at her all day long. : ) But more than that, she is so sweet and wonderful to be around. A real dream come true. Here's what some of our members had to say about this always stunning beauty and her latest set; "Oh yeah... it doesn't get better than Stacey. Man oh man... you are a goddess. Thank you for continuing to pose for us.""Stacey is lovely. Such a pretty face. I love her gorgeous smile and her beautiful bottom.""Statuesque! Legs like Stacey Kiebler, and that is a huge complement. Shapely, and in perfect proportion. Photographed without flaw by none-other.""Just exquisite, absolutely exquisite! This nude is a true work of art. This shot gives you a true appreciation of how beautiful Stacey's body is. Just amazing hourglass curves. Gorgeous!""Once again I am left speechless by the meeting of two super talents, Stacey and Stefan.""Stacey, doll, it seems like too long since seeing you last. But that would be true even if it was only yesterday. You seem to get more gorgeous each time you pose. Is that possible? How about doing a steamy video for us?""she's my dream..... i love her!!!"Well said members, and thanks for all the comments. We love her too. When you get the chance, take some time out of your day to enjoy this Femjoy Beauty in all her beauty. You'll thank us later : )

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