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Wait Until Tomorrow - Erotic Hunters

Sometimes a model comes along, and she's new to the site, and instantly you know she's going to be a huge hit. That's the way it is with super cute Edissa. We could tell immediately from the member comments that this is a top model:&quot;Gorgeous lady, sexy as hell, with such a beautifully open-petal flower of a pussy surrounded by a thicket of very feminine, old fashioned bush of hair! Absolutely awesome!! I'd like to dresser up, then dresser down myself! Great shoot to all!!!&quot;&quot;Edissa, a very hearty welcome to FemJoy! I would immediately add you to the short list of FemJoy &quot;Angels&quot; beautiful lady!!! You have everything going for you and your lovely face and warm smile could &quot;melt an iceberg&quot;!!! My thanks to Marco for bringing you to us and I hope to see many, many more shoots from the two of you!!!&quot;&quot;Edissa has a beautiful smile and superb poses, including this one and others below. She has too much lower hair for my tastes. But those Femjoy members who comment on their liking of pubic hair should be overjoyed with this gallery. I expect they are assigning 5 stars to this gallery and downloading it like mad. Thanks to Femjoy for providing such a rich variety among their many galleries and appealing to all personal preferences.&quot;Need we say more?

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