If there's one thing better than one naked Valerie, it's two naked Valeries, and that is what you get in this incredible photo series. It's incredible not only for the beauty of its model and the cleverness of its conception, but also because the way in which the mirrors are used literally produces a "virtual twin" (hence the name) of Valerie, and you get to experience just what it might be like if not just one but two of this amazing brunette appeared nude in your bedroom one day. Totally stunning to say the least.Valerie is just one of those unbelievably beautiful models that seem to only appear on FEMJOY. She is young, fresh, sexy, and eager to open up for the camera. How do we find them? Hard work, and a great reputation for treating our models with respect and producing photo sets that show them in the most flattering light.Come inside and watch as Valerie makes love to her image as only a coy, sexy young nymphette can. Peering into her own eyes, enjoying the vision of stroking her own breasts, tenderly pressing her buttocks against the mirror, she plays with herself and the camera, producing a mesmerizing collection of erotic postures.Enjoy!

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