This week's Best of Femjoy features the one and only, lovely and luscious LORENA G. in "Touch". Lorena has been with Femjoy for some time now, and without exaggeration, seems to be getting more and more beautiful, and more and more glowing with every set we do. Sounds impossible, but it sure seems to be the case.It is for this, and many other reasons, that we've chosen Lorena to be this week's Best of Femjoy. She just never ceases to amaze us with her beauty and her charm. we could pick a whole bunch of things to comment on, but we figure we'd let our members do the commenting. here's what just some of them had to say about this latest spread from one of our favorite gals; "Nice set Tom. Great backdrop/setting. I think it's officially my favourite one on here.""Lorena, your small boobies always delight me because they are so perfectly beautiful!""Dear Lorena Thank you for those wonderful pictures. Everyone new series gets even better and you get even prettier with each one. I adore you and would do everthing to meet you in reality my spanish heart. Yeah I agree with all others; you are very special.""This is a wonderful angle from which to admire your lovely body, Lorena. I love your long legs and your pretty bottom and there is that gorgeous smile again. Thanks, Lorena, for allowing me to see your delightful naked buttocks again. Your bare bottom is so incredibly arousing.""Dear Lorena, I swear you become more beautiful with every gallery. You are so pretty and your smile is breathtaking. You always express great pleasure in presenting your lovely body for us naked. I feel so privileged to be able to gaze upon your naked buttocks which are a vision of loveliness. You are very special.""Absolutely amazing. I've said it before, and I'll say it again-- your beauty has taken my heart, O Beloved Spanish Princess...""What a glorious creature you are, Lorena. How I would love to 'Touch' you...""Looks like you are having a LOT of fun, Lorena. May I join you?""She's so beautiful.........""Lorena you have an incredible smile! The rest is pretty incredible too."Well said members. We totally agree, and that's why we chose her to be this week's Best of Femjoy. She certainly deserves it. If you haven't already, take some time to enjoy her latest set "Touch" and all her other sets with Femjoy you just can't go wrong. Enjoy!

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