This week's Best of Femjoy features one the most beautiful, and popular models we have ever had the joy to work with. Yes, it's the one, the only, Lorena G. and her latest photo set "Tell Me What To Do". Thankfully, we never need to tell her what to do but she is always open to suggestions. : ) Take this set for example. The photographer wanted to get a little playful, and Lorena was ready and willing, as always. But enough about what we think about her here's what some of our happy members had to say about one of their favorite Femjoy Beauties;"Ahhhhhh..sweet Lorena. She is just the most gorgeous thing I could imagine! Thank you lovely lady for continuing to share your gorgeousness!""Lorena has got to be one of the most beautiful women alive and it is my great pleasure to see her whenever, wherever, clothed, naked, whatever. She is joy to look at always. Thank you Lorena for continuously posing for us and thank you fj for continuously bringing her back! : )""Some of these images are deliciously sensuous and I am delighted to confess to being gorgeously aroused."""Tell me what to do", you say? How can I possibly tell you what to do when my jaw is dropping toward the floor, my eyes are staring out of their sockets, my hands are shaking, and my frame is trembling??? My beloved Lorena, you are the epitome of beauty. ""So many wonderful shots in this set, but this is my fav at the moment. I don't know why... her gaze, her skin, her body, hair... all of it I guess. Well done and thank you to all involved.""This is hands down one of the hottest, sexiest and classiest women in the World!. Her video Stolen Beauty is sublimely innocent yet smolderingly hot.""Sweet Lorena, welcome to 2012--and you're looking as delicious as ever... A month without seeing you is far too long; I was afraid that you'd left us. Darling, don't stay away for so long again; I'd miss you far too dearly...""Thank you, Lorena, for being so good-natured and just so beautiful.""Black stockings, gloves and frippery, sophisticated tones defining an elegant aesthetic. And delicious erotic nuances excite the senses. Stunning...""Erotic - love it! Fabulous Lorena.""LORENA = PERFECTION!!"Well said members, and thanks for all the comments. We know Lorena appreciates every one of them, and every one of you for writing them. We totally agree. She is perfection and we consider ourselves lucky to be able to call her a Femjoy Beauty. If you haven't already, please take the time to check out this latest set from this beautiful gal and tell her what you think of her. Enjoy!

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