This week's Best of Femjoy features one of our - and our members - favorite models the sexy, sultry, fiery redhead Ossana in "Take a Little Time". Ossana has spent a lot of time with us and it has all been wonderful. She's always ready to give her best and that's what we get every time. What we love most about her - other than her gorgeousness, of course - is that she knows who she is, what she's got, and is not afraid to share it with us, and you. This, among many things, is what led us to choose her for this week's Best of Femjoy. She certainly is one of the best and we couldn't be happier to call her a Femjoy Beauty.But enough about we think. Here's what some of her many fans had to say about this latest from on of our greatest;"Ohhh, to be that chair :)""Ohhhh, Ossana! She's beautiful, sexy, gloriously red, playful, perfect, mischevious, sexy, nubile, glowing, lovely, sweet, sultry, delicious, wonderful, erotic, did I say sexy, fabulous and exciting. I'm always happy to see a new gallery of this wonderful female creature. As always, Platonoff has given use wonderfully sexy, playful, and unique poses to display her wonderful femininity!""A signature Platonoff close-up, and one of my favorites. Just as he has done to breathtaking effect in his photo sets with Danica, here he captures the pure essence of Ossana's personality: the sweet nature and the mischievous fun. And he does so with clarity, tenderness and a genuine sense of love and affection. So beautifully done. As always.""thank you for presenting a most perfect woman.""A beautiful set of a beautiful woman. Her breasts - and her beautiful pink nipples - are sublime and well captured here, and in the rest of the set. Thank you and well done to all involved.""If you were my girl, you would never have to wear clothes again, and I would never tire of looking at your beautiful body and red pubic hair. Please NEVER shave it, dear. It is so adorable. ""Fantastic as always!!""No, no, Ossana, that is where MY hand belongs! On your breast, and then on to the rest of your body. What a lovely (though arousing) thought! Please keep posing, honey."Well said members. We agree and hope Ossana keeps posing for us for a long time to come. Until then, please "take a little time" to enjoy this, and all of her wonderful sets with Femjoy she's worth it. :) Enjoy!

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