This week's Best of Femjoy features the always popular, always adorable and sexy Caprice in "Sunday Afternoon". And who wouldn't want to spend a Sunday afternoon with Caprice? She is certainly the complete package. Gorgeous, sweet, sexy, funny, and just great to be around. The fact that she is nude when we are around her is, of course, a bonus, but we would hang out with her no matter what she was wearing or not. : ) Point is, she's the Best of Femjoy simply because she, like others, is the best and we are lucky to be able to call her a Femjoy Beauty. Here's what some of our members had to say about this latest sunny set from one of our favorite gals; "Stunningly pretty girl, Caprice. I love her sweet little breasts.""Perfection - Caprice is utterly gorgeous!""So nice to see Caprice again! There's such a cool, natural freshness to her entire look that works so well with Palmer's photography style. And her beautiful smile is so sweet and sexy, all at once. A gorgeous young woman, slipping out of her clothing to lounge by the pool. That's about as good a way to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon as it gets...""Can't get enough of Caprice.""5 star for Palmer for the really great shots in this set, and for Caprice in the center of attention of those shots.""Caprice is so beautiful! Her body is amazing! What an amazing nude here. Like a fine work of art!""Just what I need on a cold winters day!""Caprice is the best looking girl I've ever seen !!"Thanks for the comments members, and well said. We're so glad you enjoy Caprice as much as we do. She truly is a wonderful gal. if you haven't already, take some time out of your day - regardless of what day it is - and relax with Caprice on a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! : )

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