What does it take to be picked for the Best Of FEMJOY spot in our weekly newsletter? Well, just take one look at Ariel and you'll see.First, you've got to be an absolutely delicious, nubile young model who's not afraid to show all her secrets to our members. So here she is. Ariel fits that image perfectly.Second, you've got to have that natural feel to your spirit that brings out a smile, a perfect breast, a ripe round rump, and all the other precious goods of your femininity. Ariel has that in spades.Finally, you've often got to be willing to follow your photographer to some of the more far-away, exotic places on the planet, so you can be shot "au natural." Ariel is such an adventurer.This photo set will take your breath away. Ariel will give it back, refreshed and better than ever.

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