Our members are going crazy for the most recent collaboration between model Ariel and photographer Stephen Soell. Here's what they're saying:For me, Ariel continues to climb in the ranks of "Femjoy Classics." I'd say at this point she is in the top 5 on the site. Yes, her body is perfect. Yes, her red hair makes her totally erotic. And yes, she has a gorgeous face that just melts your, um, heart. But more than that, you can tell she's wild, wild, wild. And not mean or arrogant. Just wild, and fun, and natural, and cute, and great to be with. I'd give both my legs to spend a day with this lovely creature.A religious conservative would call this pornography. An urban libertine would call this art. A Femjoy subscriber would call this simply delicious. Who is anyone to judge that one part of a woman is "acceptable" to view and another is or should be "forbidden" ? If God made it , then let no man call it anything other than beautiful. Especially if it's Ariel. Amen.Ariel, everytime you make an appearance I have to conclude that you are a gift to us from "above" because it seems impossible to me that you could have been conceived by two "mere mortals"!!! You have an otherworldly beauty that cannot be adequately decribed by the languages available to humankind so I will not even try!!! I will just thank you again for returning to entrance and enthrall us all! Peace and continued happiness beautiful redhaired ANGEL!!!

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