This week's Best of Femjoy features the one, the only, Carisha in "So Pretty". We know, quite an understatement. But what else is there to say? Every adjective has been used, and every attempt to describe this woman's simple, elegant beauty has been made. It seems there aren't enough words. And yet we continue to try why? because her beauty is constantly overwhelming and we need to make sense of it all. Ultimately, it comes down to our eyes, but it's important to describe what we have seen so that others may enjoy it too. And that's what we do, and are proud to do so. Here's what some of the people who have witnessed this beauty have said about her latest set; "Can never get enough her bodacious beauty.""Carisha might just be the most beautiful woman in the universe! Gads almightly, what a gorgeous creature!""Carisha is incredible. The back drop makes this shoot over the top. BEAUTIFUL!!!""My lord... just the perfect woman... really... does it get any better? I don't think so... I really don't. Thank you Carisha for returning and fj for having her back. You are all wonderful. : )""A beautifully simple set. This model is exquisite and doesn't need anything more than a camera to have a beautiful set. Just her presence is enough to fill the lens with beauty. Well done and thank you to all involved.""Playful perfection.""Another perfect nude study of amazing Carisha! She is fabulous! I always look forward to seeing her nudes! She is a true work of art! This shot is a beautiful and classic image exhibiting the wonderful curves of the female nude from the side/rear perspective. A classic silhouette nude, if you will. So beautiful!""Perfect. A perfect portrait of Carisha in all of her warmth, beauty and charm. Nothing more that I can say but, Thank you Stefan. And, as always, I love you Carisha.""My dictionary refers to this shoot under both "goddess" and "statuesque". Well done!""The Title says it all "so pretty"""Carisha is truly angelic!!""Always great to see a new set of the sexy Carisha."Well said members. We feel the same obviously. :) When it comes to such beauty, there's nothing much to say other than what's already been said, so all there is to do is simply enjoy it and we hope that you do. Enjoy.

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