This week's Best of Femjoy features the always beautiful, always sexy ANNE P. in SKYSWING. Anne has been with us for some time now and it is amazing to us how she seems to be getting even more beautiful with every shoot. Of course, so much of her beauty comes from the inside and adds to her already beautiful glow. We can only hope to have her with us for a long time to come.We could keep telling you how much we think she deserves the title of "Best of Femjoy", but we figured we'd just let our members do the talking;"Anne, you are so gorgeous. You have the face of an angel and you give me this wonderful pose. Your bottom is adorable and I love the little creases where your thighs become butt cheeks - so delightfully feminine.""So pretty!!""Outstanding beauty!!!""I can't help it - I am in love!""Her smile melts the hardest heart!""Heaven, indeed!!!""Wow! La perfection absolue!""Anne has been a Femjoy favorite of mine for a while now. She always has that "WOW" factor and this set continues the "WOW"""Amazingly beautiful!!""Real perfection!!""Totally gorgeous!! 6 stars******""Ann looks amazing, always a treat to look at her beautiful nude body, great photography too.""So great to have Anne back. I always love her nudes. This is another great set in appreciation of her beauty. This shot is a favorite of mine. I just love that ass and those adorable little soles!"welll said dear members. We feel the same way, which is why we gave her this week's title of "Best of Femjoy". Sure, she's always one of the best, but it's nice to make it official once in a while. :) We hope you enjoy this, and all of Anne's many gorgeous sets with us. Enjoy!

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