This week's Best of Femjoy features the and only Angelina B. in "Sensual". If there's one thing Angelina is, it is sensual. Of course, she is a lot of other things smart, sexy, funny, and beautiful. No matter the description, Angelina defines it and surpasses it. She really is everything anyone could hope for in a woman. That's why we decided to name her this week's Best of Femjoy.Yes, she is the best every other week as well, but we wanted to make it official. : ) But we're not the only ones who feel this way. Here's what some of her many fans had to say about one of our favorite Femjoy beauties;"Angelina is so cute, so mischievious, so mesmerizing, so enticing, so sensual, so sexy, so delicious, and so desirable.""Always a beauty, always poised, always Sensual.. Great to see her, again.. ""Angelina is definitely one of the most beautiful on FJ.""A woman blessed with a uniquely beautiful face and an instantly captivating presence. Not to mention a bright mind, a quick wit and, for those lucky enough to hear it, a wonderfully infectious laugh. Thank you Angelina, as always, for just being you.""Most remarkable!!!""Wow! Very nice, indeed!!""Just love her great tits!""Angelina B is simply good to look at ! !""Wow she is stunning, I love those freckles!""Who can criticize this astounding, classic beauty, who is so amazingly lovely and who has delivered in set after set? The photography is excellent too.""Even dreamier, top of the list of favorites!"Well said members! We love how much you love Angelina, and your ability to say so! We know she loves it too. So if you haven't already, take the time to appreciate this week's Best of Femjoy in her latest set "Sensual" as well as all her other galleries with Femjoy you can't go wrong! Enjoy!

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