This week's exclusive photo set features the gorgeous and sultry Fanny in "Sax and Sex". A very creative photo shoot by one of our favorite photographers Sven Wildhan. Sven elevates the typical photo shoot with a beautiful woman to new heights ad we're so glad to be working with him, and Fanny. She is open to anything and really embraced this idea - and the sax! : ) A playful and sexy girl in a playful and sexy set and we couldn't be happier. Apparently, our members are just as happy wth his set. Here's what some of them had to say about this latest set from this latest Femjoy Beauty; "Oh boy... to be that pussy... I mean cat... I mean... oh, I don't know what I mean... Fanny has me all messed up... thank you Fanny and fj. : )" "My beautiful sassy Fanny, how delighted I'm to see you again. Beautiful set Sven, gorgeous as usual." "What a fun set of photos! Just as in her premiere set, Fanny exudes this intoxicating mix of style, sassy charm and--true to the saxophone--a jazzy, sexy cool. Kudos to Sven for the elegant simplicity of the presentation, and for letting this beautiful young woman--and that amazing horn--speak for themselves. Thank you Fanny and Sven; beautifully done!" "An enriching visual treat which will haunt me for days. The intimacy is wickedly mouthwatering, a nod to Sven's creativity." "There are lots of reasons to celebrate the images in this excellent gallery. The highbrow eroticism in the extreme is utterly ravishing. Breathtakingly nuanced..." "Beautiful set. Beautiful girl. I love the simplicity. No set. Just light and beauty. Thank you and well done." "Following her brilliant "Premiere", this gallery hits the mark. The narrative sparkles, edgy, dramatic and breathtakingly saucey. Fanny's intensely vibrant sexuality and flexibility of posing is quite extraordinary. Contemporary art-photography that leaves an impression..." Well said members. We completely agree and look forward to bring you more of Fanny, and Sven, in the near future. Until then, please enjoy a little sax, a little pussy cat and a lot of Fanny! Enjoy! : )

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