This week's Best of Femjoy features the always adorable and sexy Danica in "Samurai". Don't we all wish we were that sword she is holding wow. Danica has been with us for some time now and in all that time she has never disappointed. How could she with that radiant smile and perfect body? Yes, Danica is certainly one of the best of Femjoy, and has been for a long time. Sweet and sexy, playful, adventurous this gal has it all and we're glad to have her with us.Here's what some of her many fans had to say about the adorable Danica and her latest set with Femjoy;"What an absolutely glorious picture! Thank you Danica and Platonoff.""Dangerous beauty. Danica, this photo gives meaning to the concept of risk in attraction.""Great, shaved (!), and perfect photography.""beautiful face and body, oh but those perfect tittes.""Danica is adorable! So feminine! And able to play with the cameral. There is nothing about you, Danica, that is not perfection. Thank you!""Truly amazing as always!! I love this lady Danica is 400% perfect!! ;-D"Platonoff's evocative muse, Danica speaks poetically.""Her beauty is stunning."Well said members and thank you for commenting. We agree. Her beauty is indeed stunning - just the way we like it! : ) If you haven't already, check out her latest photo set "Samurai", as well as all her other sets with Femjoy - you will not be disappointed. : ) Enjoy!

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