This week's Best of Femjoy features the ever so sexy and voluptuous Miela in "Round Chair". This is the still photo shoot from one of her latest videos and it is just as sultry and seductive. Of course, it is Miela, so that's not difficult. : ) What is difficult is trying to find something to not like about her. We haven't been able to come up with anything, which is even more of a reason to feature her this as one of the Best of Femjoy.But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of Miela's fans had to say about this latest spread from one of our favorite gals;"Young lady, You just keep becoming more beautiful. Very nice photography of a magnificent woman !""Never too much of a good thing! Smoldering expression coupled with an ass I want to get lost in, Miela is a blond delicacy. While arousing from every approach, this direction is my favorite and apparently the photographer shares my opinion! More Miela!""A beautiful view of a beautiful woman with a very beautiful ASS! I have always appreciated the slopes and planes of Miela's glorious, hourglass physique. She is not pubescent, she is a WOMAN and I look forward to seeing her featured as often as I can. Miela is a beauty standard FemJoy should follow faithfully...""Besides perfect boobs, Miela also has a perfect ass! In fact, I can't find any part of her that is not perfect.""Thank you, Miela, for giving us a set of photos to go along with the video of the same name that came out yesterday! This one showing your beautiful face and perfect breasts and nipples is made for use as wallpaper, honey! Please pose again soon!""I think the photographer is her boyfriend so he should enjoy his work but agree with the ASS sentiment.""WOW what a marvelous looking body..""Yes, finally a real photographer that enjoys his work of taking photos of a very beautiful model. Thank you Femjoy!""110% the perfect woman!! Miela is amazing ;-D"Well said dear members. We agree 100%. Miela is amazing and all woman we wouldn't have it any other way. : ) If you haven't already, check out Miela's latest shoot, and video, and all her other sets with us. They are all amazing. Enjoy!

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