This week's Best of Femjoy features the always beautiful, sweet & sexy Anne P. in "Ready When You Are". And that's one thing we love about her she is always ready when we are. No matter the place, or time of day, Anne is ready, willing, and happy to do her best for us, and you. There's just something about a gal who is always there and ready for anything. Combine that with her natural beauty and you have what we like to call "the whole package". But don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of her adoring fans had to say about this classic beauty and her latest spread;"Anne, you pose so beautifully. Always happy to see you back. I just love to see your sweet smile up above those gorgeous nipples and wide open legs.""Thanks, Anne, for this very arousing shot. You are amazing and you are gorgeous.""It is such a privilege to see a girl as beautiful as Anne completely naked. I delight in this image of Anne's lovely bottom with the cute little creases defining the shape of her butt cheeks. Anne makes a very elegant and feminine image.""What an amazingly pretty girl. Anne is vivacious. She is gorgeous. And what is more - she lets me see her naked body. What a turn on.""What a beautiful lady. Just love these classic full frontal nude shots. Love the clean shaved pussy with those inviting lips clearly showing. An awesome photograph of a gorgeous lady.""Anne, welcome back!! You look gorgeous, as always.. A class act, for real.. She always looks so elegant, poised, charming.. Thank-you Valentino.""I'm fairly new to the Femjoy site, and I think Anne P is fantastic. Her photos are raw and sexy, yet sweet at the same time. It's also noted that her photographer does a fine job too. More Anne P. Please!""Really amazing beauy!!!""Most remarkable!! 6 stars******"'That body is amazing!""Lovely!""Wow, I must be living right! 114 totally naked pictures of lovely Anne! Doe it ever get any better than this???""Every day I log onto Femjoy hoping for something new from Anne P. Always beautiful, always perfect and always leaves you wanting more! A very beautiful woman.""So perfect, as always."Well said members. We totally agree, which is why we decided to name her this week's "Best of Femjoy". She deserves it every week, but we thought we'd make it official this week. :) If you haven't already, please take the time to view this or any of Anne's galleries with Femjoy you really can't go wrong. Enjoy!

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