This week's best of Femjoy features the one and only Miela in "Ready For Love". Who wouldn't be ready for love when it comes to this gal??? She is, in a word, perfection. Sure, there's no such thing when it comes to beautiful women, but if there were, Miela would be at the top of the list.There's nothing much else we can about this voluptuos beauty that we haven't already said so we'll just let our members speak for themselves. "Great to see Miela returning... once again in all her glory!""All on Miela is great, her breasts, her face, her pussy, her legs - and last but not least her long hair." "Viewing this photo as LARGE shows her delightful freckles a little bit. I love 'em!""Ready for love, Miela??? ! sure am!!!""Now you are teasing me, aren't you, Miela. It only makes me want you MORE!""I sure do envy Stefan, being able to see all that naked flesh called MIELA! Her humongous boobs with those big tits are so awesome! And all natural, too! Her mother must have been well-endowed and passed the gene on to Miela.""There are few women on this site or anywhere who clearly exhibit the characteristics that place them higher on the scale of evolved femininity than the average. We are indeed fortunate for beauties such as, but not limited to Jenni, Danica, Caprice and the remarkable Miela for showing us what it means to be stamped with the extra ten percent by the forces of evolution. I am very grateful for the chance to simply observe their perfection. Thank you, precious ladies.""Beautiful girl! Thank you, Miela."Well said dear members. we feel the same, which is why we have chosen Miela to be this week's Best of Femjoy she certainly deserves it! If you haven't already, please take the time to check out her latest spread, as well as all her other galleries with Femjoy you can't go wrong! Enjoy. :)

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