This week's Best of Femjoy features the extraordinarily beautiful, sexy and sultry Laila in "Rainbow". Photographer Tom Rodgers handles this shoot with flair and sensitivity and a real eye for beauty. Speaking of beauty Lala is one of the most beautiful women we have ever worked with and we're so glad to be able to say that. She could go anywhere, but she keeps coming back to us. Hopefully, that says something about us,but it certainly says something about her. But enough words, we'll et the pictures speak for themselves and what stunning pictures they are. Here's what some of our members had to say about this gorgeous girl and this gorgeous set; "Surely one of the coolest beauties, from any perspective she is pure class. Laila would grace any catwalk with her feline allure. She is perfect, absolutely..." "Very nice work by both artist and model. Beautiful scenery...beautiful model." "What can one say about this partnership without repetition. Laila and Tom the consummate professionals are in total harmony and hit the right notes in these breathtaking images. Laila, as always, is stunningly sensuous. Flair, style and class come to mind!" "Wow... what a wonderful set! So many wonderful shots..." "Laila could easily be the subject of a fantasy calendar. There would be no need for embellishment." "This is about as good as it gets" "Blistering hot set of outdoor pictures from Laila and Tom. Her face and hair are gorgeous, her tight little body, her amazing ass, her amazing poses like this one, all a vision of erotic perfection." "Incredible. These are some of the most spectacular outdoor photos that I've ever seen, here or anywhere else. The sunlight, the wind and weather, the crashing of the much motion and natural power of the elements...and Laila, seemingly in command of it all... It's no secret at all that I love her, and that she can blow me away with a bat of her eyelashes. But she graces these photos with so much poise, confidence and her own unique charm and allure that she just takes my breath away with every shot. I really can't say enough about her, the way that she becomes more amazing and beautiful with every new photo set. And the way that Tom is able to capture everything that is so amazing and beautiful about her, so well. I agree with Laurie; I think that we're witness to one of the classic model/photographer partnerships of Femjoy. Pure synergy. Pure magic." Wow. Well said members. We're so glad you enjoy Laila as much as we do. We hope to bring you more of this beauty as soon as possible. Until then, please enjoy her most recent set "Rainbow" and all of her previous sets as well. You can't go wrong with beauty like this : )

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