This week's Best of Femjoy features the one and only super cute and sexy Danica in "Princess Of The Night". Danica has been with us for some time now and she has always been a princess to us, and her many fans. She just has this way about her that soothes and sizzles at the same time. Maybe it's her eyes, or her smile, or everything. Whatever it is, we love her, and so do our members.Here's what some of them had to say about this special gal and her latest set;"Heavenly Danica, you and your amazing breasts have been away too long. It's so good to see you.""Princess of the day AND night.""Danica's perfection is truly haunting.""Temptation al a Danica: only one frame is required but many are appreciated.""Danica returns to the one who captures the best in her every time, in the best ways. Thanks so much to her and to Platonoff. I love these photos.""Most remarkable!!""Danica, dear, I love this picture. It is as modest as it would be if you were wearing a bikini, but you are COMPLETELY naked! And you are just as gorgeous as ever.""Danica is delightful here. Pretty face with a sweet smile and her bottom is so cute. I love those little creases at the base of Danica's gorgeous buttocks.""Danica, welcome back, always a pleasure. You made a lot of guys happy, today.. I guess that's what a princess can do"Well said members. Obviously, we totally agree, which is why we chose her to be this week's Best of Femjoy. Please take the time to check out her latest set, as well as all her other sets with Femjoy - you simply can't go wrong with beauty like this enjoy! :)

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