This week's exclusive photo set features the ever so sexy Vani in her Femjoy debut. And what a debut it was! The comments we've received for her are so wonderful we couldn't be happier and neither could she! Vani is a wonderful girl and we had so much fun working with her and hope to do so a lot more in the future. Here's what our members had to say about this sultry, sexy premiere by one of our newest Femjoy Beauties; "Hello and a warm welcome to Vani. To call her a "feast for the eyes" hardly does her justice, as head-to-toe gorgeous as she is. There just seems to be something so instantly magnetic about her presence throughout these photos. A wonderful blend of style and confidence; at the same time, something so warmly accessible in her dark eyes and beautiful smile. What a pure joy she is to behold! Thank you Valery, for introducing this beautiful young woman to us, and in a setting of such a bright, natural beauty befitting her own. I would love to see her again. Hopefully soon, and often...""Just my opinion, but I nominate Vali as the Model of the Year. She's amazingly beautiful and certainly not shy. She is probably the most amazing woman who has ever graced the Femjoy site. Please bring Vali back and often!""Vani L, I gave you a 5 star rating. If there had been more, you would have received all of them. You my dear are a very gorgeous model." "Vani. Welcome to the Femjoy galleries of the most stunningly beautiful women in the world. And,you are, in all aspects and from every angle a totally gorgeous epitome of feminine appeal." "My gratitude goes out to you and Valery for such intimate--but totally appealing pictures (and openly intimate settings in this set). Please return to Femjoy OFTEN with your confident and naturally self-assured photos.""Greetings, dear Vani! We have another girl who is not afraid to show us close-ups of --well, EVERYTHING! I hope you will come back often.""A warm welcome to Vani. She is lovely and has a terrific body. Excellent debut set.""Vani is just stunningly beautiful - hope we see a lot more of her in future!"Well said members. We feel the same way and plan on working with Vani a lot in the future. Until then, we hope you're able to check out this debut set enjoy! : )

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