This week's exclusive photo series features the sultry, sexy, seductive debut of Alsu - and what a debut it was! The response we received for this brunette beauty was amazing and for good reason. Just look at her! She has it all, and even something extra. That quality that you can't put your finger on. And we don't need to. Al we want to do is capture it on film and share it with you so that's what we did. :) But enough about what we think, here's what some of our members had to say about this latest Femjoy beauty; "Definitely one the most beautiful women to ever appear on Femjoy. Her eyes seem to be able to display every emotion she feels at the moment. I really like the the way the photographer managed to show the sweet suppleness of her youthful skin. Bravo all around.""Alsu, I gave your photo spread a 5 star rating!. Your a very gorgeous model.""What a beauty! There's something so luxurious about Alsu, her supple figure and raven hair. And those cool, dewy eyes of hers steal the show. Innocence, invitation and pure sensuality, all embodied in this gorgeous young woman. Yet another in a week of stellar premieres. Let's hope that we see her again soon!""Hubba hubba... wow. What a body. Whew. Welcome Alsu... you are... wow... can't find the right words... stunning... unbelievable... super duper sexy! Yeah! That's it! : ) Hope to see much more of you.""Succulent - Alsu is off to a great start!""I like this pose well enough to make it my wallpaper!""Wow, all I can say is wow. Every photo in this set of this amazing woman is fantastic!""Absolutely fabulous!""Welcome to beautiful Alsu. What a debut! Great, sexy and intimate nudes of her in this set. She is fabulous and has an amazing body. I hope to see her featured regularly."Well said members. We agree and are as happy to welcome Alsu as much as you are. We love adding new models and Alsu is no exception. If you haven't already, check out her debut set and stay tuned for more! Enjoy!

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