This week's exclusive photo series features the debut set of the oh so sexy and stunningly beautiful Alice V. When we first met Alice she was well, let's just say she was eager to do something interesting. So we asked if she felt like posing for us. Her answer could not have come any quicker. "Yes!" - she exclaimed. "I can't wait!" And neither could we! :) She's not only beautiful, but sweet as a button, with a little bit of a mischievous side to her as well. We like that. And we like her, a lot.And so do our members it seems! This makes us very glad. Here's what some of them had to say about this exceptional debut from the exceptionally beautiful and sexy Alice V.; "What an exquisite image. Alice has such a sweet smile on her lovely face and her bottom is so pretty. I love the smooth soft curves of her cute buttocks. This makes such a wonderfully feminine image. Thanks, Alice, for baring your lovely buttocks. It is such a privilege to view the intimate places of an adorable girl.""Oh Alice, what a fantastic debut. How will you top this in your second set.""Alice, what can I say except that you are gorgeous from top to bottom??? ""WOW! what an absolute stunningly beautiful girl!""Your beauty is there no matter which way we look at you.""Breathtaking beauty meets natural charisma and an instantly magnetic, winsome charm. What a wonderful hello from Alice. I have a feeling that we'll be seeing quite a bit more of her in the future; I couldn't imagine Platonoff passing up any chance to explore the full beauty of this exquisite young woman in all of its subtle shades. And I can't wait to see the results. Until then, welcome Alice; hopefully we'll see you again soon... The sooner, the better...""Outstanding set of pictures, top notch, I love the variety of full body shots along with close ups of her pretty face and flawless bottom, very hot.""Alice V is a wonderful addition to FemJoy and this was a great photo shoot. Some beautiful and sensitive photos.""Adorable, absolutely adorable!""Aren't you a sweetie, Alice; nice work and hurry back.""WOW! Alice is really beautiful ..... the best new model in months .....what a face ...those deep, blue eyes, fine, flawless skin , and long, natural hair. Sensual with a touch of youthful elegance.""Superb. Nuff said.""Elegant, cute and hot in one package.""Alice V is an excellent example of a "5". So inviting and simply cute.""For me, Alice is the perfect mix of beauty, innocence, sexuality. Her long languid lines, expressive eyes, and subdued smile display of promise of excitement, pleasure, and humor. Yea, I like!""My god, I can't keep my eyes off this gorgeous lady... she is stunning! Please give us more!""Amazing!!"Wow. Well said members. We're so glad you feel the same about her as we do. Hopefully we'll get to work with her again sooner than later. Until then, please enjoy this fantastic debut from one of our latest, and perhaps greatest new Femjoy Beauties enjoy! :)

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