This week's exclusive photo series brings us the gorgeous, slender, sexy Angela K. in her debut set with Femjoy and what a debut it was. Relaxed and ready, she made everyone feel comfortable and it made the shoot a real pleasure. Her vibe is so calm and pleasing, it was more like hanging out than it was a photoshoot. We like that. And we like her, which is why we wanted to feature her this week - and based on the comments we've received for this wonderful debut, we think we were right to do so. :)Here's what some of our members had to say about this sexy blonde and her debut set with us;"This is a wonderful gallery. Every shot of Angela's pretty face is more beautiful than the last. This gallery is a true celebration of the beauty of a gorgeous girl. Angela projects a most delightful personality and seems totally relaxed in her nakedness. Compliments to Angela and the photographer.""Angela, you are an absolute delight. You are so lovely and I am very privileged to be able to view your beautiful naked buttocks. Thanks, for having the courage to give us these poses. Your bottom is adorable. I can't wait for your next appearance.""Welcome, Angela. You are stunningly beautiful.""So many wonderful shots in this set. These silllouette shots really catch my eye though. She is so beautifully slender. Thank you and well done to all involved.""Been a member for years and never commented: Angela is as close to 'my' perfect as I've seen. Even trying to write a comment I cannot find words that really describe. She's just beautiful. Can't wait to see more of her.""The sweetly dangerous Angela K must return.""Top model. Top pictures. Great!""Angela, it's a life changing moment - marry me !""Angela'a legs are fantastic! They seem to go on forever !""A little bit of quiet, contemplative beauty for a rainy afternoon... And a warm welcome to Angela. Beautiful face, gorgeous green eyes and a graceful figure and presence. What a quietly enchanting young woman, through and through.""Beautiful face! Lovely figure, great attitude--more, please!""What a fantastic premier, please come back soon!""Man yummy!""Angela. Yo are--as your name implies--a gorgeous angel.""Sublimely beautiful - such a natural-girl-next-door look.""Angela K's warm beauty is exposed in this sophisticated tease by Kiselev.""Beautiful face and GREAT legs! Wow. I love the portrait shots!"Wow. Well said members, and thanks for all the comments. We'll be sure to get them to her and are certain she will appreciate them all. For those of you that haven't already, do yourself a favor and check out Angela K. and her debut set with Femjoy you'll thank us later. :) Enjoy!

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