This week's exclusive photo set features the super sexy and beautiful blonde bombshell Adele in her debut set. This one gorgeous lady, and we could not be happier to have her join us here at Femjoy. We've worked with a lot of gorgeous women here, and Adele is certainly among them. So gorgeous that may of our crew members found themselves just staring at her mouths open imaginations running wild. And who could blame them? Fact is, we were all staring, and with good reason. : ) And we're not alone. Here's what some of our members had to say about this stunning debut set; "This young lady is fantastic I love her already!!""Stunning beauty, superbly captured. Thank you Adele and Kiselev.""It is obvious Adele knows a thing or two about the art of seduction! Looking through this set really got my heart racing!""Cheek-bones and eyes to die for and a very seductive mouth. Utterly wicked...""What a stunning premiere featuring this incredibly striking looking girl. She is sensational...""The series of shots that depict Adele's thong being removed has me tantalized. Adele's sweet bare buttocks are absolutely adorable and this is a very arousing image.""Hello and welcome to Adele. And what an amazing hello she brings: her head-to-toe gorgeous body, her cool eyes, soft lips, her beautiful face... And Kiselev has done a stellar job in capturing her in all of her quiet confidence, grace and beauty. A wonderful set of photos. I certainly hope that we see much more from both Adele and Kiselev in the future. What an enchantingly beautiful young woman.""I'm back for more Adele! Those blonde curly locks, exquisite feet, luscious mouth, long, slender yet curvacious legs, and those oh-so-sultry looks into the camera - oh my goodness!"Well said members. It's great to get such positive feedback - especially when so well written! It lets us know we're doing our job well and inspires us to continue on your behalf. That said, please enjoy this premiere set from one of the hottest, sexiest newcomers to grace our pages Adele. Enjoy!

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