This week's exclusive photo series features the debut of one of the most beautiful women we have ever had the pleasure of working with the gorgeous and sexy Manu. When beauty likes this comes along, it is hard to ignore, or resist. Just the simplest photo of her proves how utterly beautiful she is. Combine that with the gorgeous backround and you have well, this set. But rather than tell you how we feel about her - which should be obvious by now - we'll let our members speak for themselves."Another lovely set of photos from Femjoy....makes you glad you are a member. I am glad this gal is not afraid of bare feet on rocks.""A wonderful view of Manu's lovely bottom. Her buttocks are very cute and quite delightful.""I love all the images with Manu bending over and giving us a delightful view of her lovely bare buttocks. These images are so arousing. Manu's bottom is beautiful. Her butt cheeks are so shapely and pretty. She is so brave to pose in this way and allow us to enjoy the beauty of her intimate places.""Wow. I mean... wow. Wow. How beautiful. Geez. I saw this picture and I just had to stop and say "wow". What a beautiful woman. Geez. It's amazing how beautiful she is. All of her. Wow. Welcome Manu... you have a beautiful name and a beautiful everything else. Welcome and come back soon please.""Such a gorgeous debut. And such a good call, as to the setting and the context of the photos. Bright sun, clear sky, a spectacular view, and a chance to share it with an exquisitely beautiful and confident young woman. Who could ask for more? Welcome Manu, and I hope that you'll share yourself and your beauty with us again, soon and often...""A beautiful set of a beautiful woman. This shot in particular has me mesmerized at the moment. Such a wonderful close up. Beautiful lines, and the goose bumps really get me. Just wonderful. Thank you so much to all involved.""My God these radically stunning women, one more beautiful than the next! Truly the greatest site on Earth!""beautiful face, perfect body, sexy poses - what a great premiere!!! More please""I love this. It is so intimate, allowing a close inspection of the most beautiful female parts""Now that is what I am talking about! 10, honey.... LOVE IT !""This is my kind of girl, just perfection from head to toe, love her slender feminine frame, small firm breasts, beautiful face, hands, feet, and that gap between her thighs is mouthwatering""151 pics and this is #2..........what a great start to a debut photoshoot ! And it just gets better as it goes on. Manu you are simply sublime. Well done!""Very nice indeed just what I need on this wet bank holiday Monday!! Please come back very soon.""Spectacular premier! Please bring Manu back soon and often. Thank you Manu and Santiago."Well said members, and thank you for all the comments. We're glad to know we are bring you what you want and please know that the models know it too! If you haven't already, please take the time to visit this premeire set from one of the most beautiful women we have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Manu is a true beauty, and now, she is a true Femjoy Beauty. Enjoy!

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