This week's exclusive photo series features the debut set of the adorable and oh so sexy Karo in "Premiere". And what a premiere it was. This girl is so sexy and so sweet. She was ready and willing from the second we got there to the very end of the day. We like that. And she was sweet and sexy the whole way through. We like that too. :) There's just something about a girl who is open to doing anything and happy about it as well. Karo is that girl and we could be happier with this set or with her.Here's what some of our satisfied members - and brand new fans of Karo - had to say about this debut set from one of our newest - and cutest - models;"Welcome, Karo. You are lovely and have wonderful personality. I love your pretty smile. I am a guy who really admires the beauty of a pretty girl's bottom. Thanks for posing your beautiful bare buttocks for me. I love the gentle curves of your cute butt cheeks. You are a great addition to the site.""Fantastic premiere Karo hope to see many more shoots with you!""This girl is so beautiful that I feel PRIVILEGED to see her this way. Perfect girl next door sexy. Thank you Karo!""Wow, this girl is adorable! Nice calves, cute smile, beautiful eyes....really nice girl! More please!""Welcome beautiful Karo, and is she ever adorable! A sweet angel face with a gorgeous body and those beautiful blue eyes that just melt your heart... Thank you Sven for introducing this sweetheart to us with style, grace and a little bit of fun for good measure. And my dear Karo, I hope that wee see your beautiful face here much more often in the future! Don't stay away for too long, if you please...""Karo E, I gave you a 5 star rating because you deserve It!. If there were more stars I would have given them all to you!!!. This pose of yours was my very favorite one!. The way your perfect breasts lift up when you raise your arms Is amazing! With this being your premiere, I hope that you'll come back and show us member's more of your amazing gorgeous body!""Well hello there Karo & welcome please come back soon!! A lovely set of photographs.""Oh Karo, this look's so good and sweet I will never need sugar again darling.""Karo, you perfect from your beautiful face down to those luscious breasts, that perfect rear and of course those lovely feet . Absolutely stunning."Well said members, and thanks for the comments. We agree Karo is absolutely stunning and we're so glad you like her as much as we do. We think she's pretty great too. If you haven't already, please check out what we hope will be the first of many sessions with the adorable and sexy Karo. Enjoy!

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