This week's exclusive photo series features the adorably lovely and sexy Valyn in her Femjoy premiere. Valyn is such a sweetheart and it really comes through in this set. Her smile, her eyes, all of it just glows. So simple and so beautiful. Just the way we - and our members - like it. Here's what some of them had to say about this adorable new Femjoy Beauty; "Thanks, Valyn, for treating us to visions of beauty such as this." "This is a great gallery. Lots of variety which is as it should be. Valyn is delightful. She is very pretty and her body is lovely. I love the way she has pulled up her dress here to reveal her cute bottom. The two little creases at the base of each butt cheek are absolutely adorable." "A breathtaking fusion of sensuousness and aestheticism. The stars sparkle for Valyn..." "Stunning ,Gorgeous, Beautiful Woman, Beautiful Photograph!" "Lovely and very sexy." "I love your eyes sweetheart and the other parts are amazing." "A splendid view of the model's full womanhood in a sparkling debut! More of Valyn, please." "Glad to see Valyn back, looking sweet, smart and absolutely vibrant! She just radiates charm and personality throughout these photos..." "Very very nice just what I need many thanks!!" "Thanks for the wonderful comments members. We feel the same way. So if you haven't already seen it, please treat yourself to this lovely and sexy new Femjoy Beauty in her wonderful Femjoy premiere. Enjoy! : )

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