This week's exclusive photo series features the ever so sexy and sensual Gloria in "Premiere". And for her premiere, she certainly has made an impression... from our staff to our members. And for good reason. This adorable and sexy vixen just oozes sensuality. It comes out on film, and in person as well. Every move she made was full of sexual energy... from getting undressed to walking to and from the set. It truly was a great day of work. : ) Here's what our members had to say about the result; "The intimate relationship between Gloria and the camera has inspired an exceptional gallery of breathtaking images. A beautifully created aesthetic, fused with delicious nuances of eroticism. Utterly outstanding ~ Gloria is simply quite irresistible." "Holy moly! Sexy and hot beyond belief. I... I can't stand it. O.K., I can stand it. : ) Welcome Gloria - hope to see we see a lot more of you in the near future! Whew!" "Wow, talk about a first impression! Amazing, looking through these photos, how Gloria can slip from sweet-girl charm to total femme-fatale heat with just a sideward glance or a toss of her hair. So much sexy fun in such a beautiful, petite little package! Welcome to Femjoy, darling. I certainly hope that we see you again!" "Zowie, to the nth power!" "Valentino has brilliant taste, his girls are utterly gorgeous with incredible sex appeal. Gloria is a perfect example, full of confidence as the depth and variety of images reveal. Fantastic!" "Wow!! What a premier - Gloria is absolutely gorgeous, flawless beauty!" Thanks for the enthusiasm members... obviously, we think she deserves it. : ) And you deserve to spend some time with this newest and sexiest Femjoy beauty. So please, come in, relax and enjoy Gloria in all her glory!

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