This week's Exclusive Photo Series features the adorable and oh so sexy Bally in "Premiere". And what a successful premiere it is! She manages to be very sexy while still being cute and innocent. A hard balance to maintain, but Bally manages to do it with ease. We don't think she's trying either... it's just her natural way... just the way we like it. : ) Our members seem to agree. Here's what some of them had to say; "Oh boy... so sexy. And those eyes. Wow. So "come hither-ey". Whew! Bless you Bally. You're awesome." "Welcome to beautiful Bally. She is a great addition. I love her nude in her heels! She has a wonderful body and such big and beautiful eyes. Hope to see much more of this cutie!" "What a beautiful model ; a lovely figure and a gorgeous face that takes my breath away." "My oh my, I think I have a new addition to my favorites list. Wow, this girl is just adorable....those beautiful crystal blue eyes just stole my heart. I hope we see her again!" "What a sweet face, and oh, those to-die-for breasts and perfect nipples! Welcone, dear Bally! You are a nice addition to the Femjoy family. Please keep returning to us." "Bally is not only lovely, but possessed of a grace that makes even the normal poses of everyday a joy to behold. Thanks to both of you for the pleasure this gallery brings!!!" Well said members, and thank you for the comments. We totally agree, and hope to bring you more of this adorable little vixen as soon as possible. Until then, please enjoy Bally in her FEMJOY premiere!

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