This weeks' exclusive photo series features the ultra sexy and super gorgeous Marlen in "Please Me". Well, needless to say, we're sure there are many who would answer "Yes!!!" to that, and we were happy to please her as well by pairing her with the great photographer Valery Anzilov who really captured her beauty and sexiness which is ever present and abundant. : ) But enough about what we think, here's what some of our happy members had to say about this Femjoy beauty and her latest set; "Oh my lord... wow... so sexy i can't stand it... wow... Marlen... I... I... I would love to please you... every day... in all ways... too speechless now to go now. Thank you for posing for us. Whew. ""Marlen is a lovely beauty. Great nudes exhibiting her wonderful natural body.""magical SEXY SEXY SEXY.""Amazing body.""Marlen, I think this is an absolutely fabulous picture of you! But I guess this whole set is fabulous! And, yes, I also think your nipples are outstanding, as is your smile, breasts, legs, hair, and pussy. You are gr8!""Oh my... Is it just me, or is there a sexual tension just humming through these shots? Do doubt, Marlen has a body built for fun, all the way down to the tips of her sweet toes. And that smile and sparkle in her eyes just seems to say, "What are we waiting for?" What a gorgeous young woman; what an unabashedly sexy set of photos. I love it!""Marlen, you have the most incredible breasts and the nipples are outstanding.""A wonderful set. Very sultry and somewhat old school, which I love. I also love the looks to the side. So beautifully coy. And a beautiful and sexy woman indeed. Well done and thank you to all involved."Well said, and thank you members. We love it when we please our members as well as our models. If you haven't already, come on in and see what all the fuss is about and please yourself with this wonderful set with the ultra sexy Marlen. Enjoy!

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