This week's Best of Femjoy features the oh so popular and amazingly adorable Danica in "Pillow Fight". O.K., come on, who wouldn't want to be in a pillow fight with this adorable little vixen? Everything from her deep eyes to her sexy curves to her amazing smile - Danica has it all and we love having her. She's been with Femjoy for some time now and every time she shows up, she lights up the room. So sweet, so funny, so cute. We could go on, of course, but let's hear what some of our happy members had to say about this latest set from one of our very best; "Danica is awesome!""I would be late to work every single day waking up with this beautiful creature next to me. She is absolutely incredible.""Another entry in a 9 or 10 day run of iconic beauties. Femjoy is simply the best.""I'm at a loss for words... You are so incredibly beautiful, Danica. I hope you return soon and often.""These two are SO good together. One of the most beautiful girls on this website, and the BEST artist. Magnificent, wonderful poses!""Danica is gorgeous. Such a beautiful slim body. Such a sweet face. I love this image of her pretty bottom. ""So cute. So sexy. nuff said. Danica, you are wonderful, as ever. Thank you for returning to us, as always. : )""Danica you are just perfect don't ever change!!"Well said members, and thanks for the comments. We like her too. :) We hope you get a chance to check out her latest set, as well as all her other sets. Trust us, you won't be disappointed. :) Enjoy!

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