This week's Best of Femjoy features the long-legged, long-time favorite Simona in "Paradise". We are always in paradise when working with and witnessing the beauty that is Simona. she's been with us for some time now and she has always been wonderful, beautiful and so sexy. It's quite unbelievable actually that a woman could be this tall and slender and beautiful and sexy all rolled into one. Well, she is, and she's here, and that's why felt she deserved the title of one of The Best of Femjoy as she certainly is's what some of her fans had to say about this latest set by this stunning goddess;"Such a truly beautiful girl in an elegant setting with nice textures and color. Long slender body, beautiful hair, eyes and face. Long legs and slender, elegant soft feet. I love all your sets Simona, but this is my favorite. Very beautiful, thank you.""Exquisitely beautiful elegant image. Nothing is more lovely than the vision of a tall slender pretty girl photographed from the rear. Simona's lovely long hair, her legs that go on forever and her delightful buttocks - so smooth and soft and sweet. Thanks, Simona, for this pose and baring your adorable bottom for me. Just wonderful.""Simona, please take me into the woods and have YOUR way with ME! I love you and am happy to see you again today in a photo set AND a video. Thanks, sweetie!""Welcome back Simona. You have been missed. And I love how how well Stefan combines pure femininity and sexiness.""Another "All World" woman expertly captured by Stefan."Well said dear members. We completely agree, which is why we chose Simona to be this week's Best of Femjoy. If you haven't already, check out her latest spread with us, as well as all her other Femjoy shoots. Pick any you can't go wrong! :) Enjoy!

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