This week's best of Femjoy features one of the sexiest, most alluring ladies to ever grace the pages of Femjoy it's Alice V. in "One Night". It would only take one night to fall in in love with this gorgeous gal - if not sooner. We fell in love with her immediately, and have been in love ever since. She's not only sexy and beautiful but wonderful to be around too. Every moment with her is a pleasure and a joy and we are so pleased to be able to call her a Femjoy Beauty.Here's what some of her fans had to say about this latest set from one of our favorite gals;"So inviting.""So beautiful and super cute!!""Very, very lovely.""Thanks, Alice, for this wonderful pose. With your long hair hanging down and your very pretty little bare buttocks looking so cute, this image is such a turn on. It is a delightful privilege to see the sweet bare bottom of a girl as adorable as you.""Alice, it is wonderful to see another gallery from you. You are so pretty and you are so generous with posing your delightful body. I delight in seeing your cute little bottom and your sweet little pink anus. So very arousing. You are very brave to give us these images of your intimate bits.""Alice, I love your long hair. Just please don't let it ever cover your lovely boobs in any frontal shots, dear. Your legs, feet and ass are as nice to look at as the front is."""I really like this shot of you, Alice. You have such lovely breasts and nipples -- both are the perfect size! And you are SO cute -- and naked. Please do a video for me."Well said dear members. We're so glad you feel the same about Alice as we do and so proud to name her one Femjoy's best - which she clearly is. Please take the time to check out all of Alice's galleries with Femjoy you can't go wrong. : ) Enjoy!

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