This week's Best of Femjoy features the stunningly beautiful and ultra sexy Laila in "On The Rocks". We've worked with Laila for some time now and she just keeps getting better and better, and more beautiful - if that's even possible. All we know is, it's always a pleasure to work with her and photograph her. Whatever the setting or location, Laila is always ready and happy to get to work. She loves "getting it right" and will stay much longer than necessary to do so. She's a real trooper and we love that. A beautiful and sexy trooper too. We especially love that. :)But enough about what we think. Here's what some of our happy members - and Laila fans - had to say about this latest set by this always gorgeous Femjoy Beauty; "A beautiful set of an extraordinarily beautiful girl.""Laila, the angular wonder, charms so effortlessly.""A powerful image of nature at work, ephemeral and enduring.""Laila you are so beautiful, flawless,top of the line lady........What a catch....""Ravishing...I need not say more!""What spectacular photos. And a woman as impassioned and dramatically beautiful as Laila deserves no less. She never lets me forget why I love her so much--and why her every return is an event to celebrate, no matter where in the world that we would find her next. Kudos and thanks, once again, to Laila and Tom. These are some of their most striking and breathtakingly beautiful photos together--ever."Wow. Well said members. We could not have said it any better. We're so glad you feel as strongly about this stunning beauty as we do. We love working with her and bringing her beauty to you and plan on doing so for as long as possible. We hope you get a chance to check out her latest set "On The Rocks" - as well as all her other gorgeous sets with us you can't go wrong with this Femjoy Beauty. Enjoy! :)

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