Chances are, the majority of FEMJOY members value the great outdoors. Maybe some of them live near it, some of them visit it now and then, and some of them even go the extra mile to plunge headlong into it through adventure camping and hiking. But chances are, they value it, because the great outdoors is such a central element to what we do. We not only give you gorgeous girls, but we give the most beautiful natural settings of any erotic website in the world.That's why we've chosen "Nude Camper" as our Best Of series for the week. The images here conjure up fantasies that any outdoorsman is sure to have had, and we thought we'd honor (and tantalize) those fantasies with some pictures of a lovely nude model named Lia out on a camping adventure of her own.Imagine going camping with Lia. You find your campsite, put up the tent, start the fire, make dinner, have a couple drinks around the campfire, and then Lia, maybe a little stripsy, decides to start taking off her clothes and give you a true natural experience. Before you know it, the campfire isn't the only thing shooting sparks in your little neck of the woods.Have a good trip!

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