This week's exclusive photo set features the unbelievably sultry, sexy, gorgeous Gloria in "My Moments". And she certainly has many of them in this latest steamy set. Of course, every moment for us was wonderful as we think she is one of the most beautiful women we have ever had the pleasure of working with as this set surely demonstrates. The fact that she is wonderful to work with just makes it that much better and the fact that she enjoys herself so much makes it even better.We certainly enjoy her, as do many of our members. Here's what some of them had to say about this latest set from of our favorite Femjoy Beauties: "Wow what an exquisite set. Such beautiful photos of such a beautiful girl. Too many to choose from but this is my current fav. More to come I'm sure. : ) Thank you to all and well done indeed." "Wow indeed! Double wow!! Triple wow!!! So sexy. So cute. Geez." "Wow - she's gorgeous!" "truly, the most beautiful women on earth pose for femjoy" "Gloria, dear, your moments are obviously quite beautiful ones. And judging by that, probably a whole lot of fun too. You are absolutely luscious, as always!" "My heart is beating faster. The imagination has taken off into fantasy land. Beautiful Gloria, beautiful Gloria, Beautiful Gloria. Oh baby." Well said members. And thanks for the comments. We feel the same way about Gloria and look forward to many moments with her in the future. Until next time, please take a moment and enjoy some moments with the ever so gorgeous Gloria. Enjoy! : )

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