Marliece grew up going to the cabin. It's situated in what her family calls "the far country," which means the rural area of southern France, her native land. She would go there with her mother, father, and three brothers, and they would spend the summer playing in the woods, swimming in the lakes, and sitting on the porch, sharing stories, and when she turned 16, wine.But the cabin was abandoned when she turned 18 (she's now 19) because her parents bought a nicer place up by the Pyrenees in northern France. But the cabin still holds a special place in Marliece's heart, and that's why, when FEMJOY was looking for a spot to use for her shoot, she suggested the old family cabin. And we think you'll agree it's a great choice.What's especially wonderful in this session is that you can see Marliece's body relaxing as she moves about her old stomping grounds. She's becoming a girl again, feeling loose and easy and happy and free and fresh. Just like she did...It's a private place for Marliece, but she'd love some company...

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