This weeks' exclusive photo set features the red hot, super sexy and sultry Marga E. in "Lost In Your Arms". When we first met Marga, she was working as a waitress in a posh restaurant. Needless to say, she was a bit restless in that job and could not wait to break out of her shell and do something exiting. How glad we were when she agreed to make this the exiting things she was going to do! She's such a natural too. Hardly any direction was needed. She just began to strut around, jumping on the bed, showing off her fantastic body and her favorite parts. : ) It was quite an afternoon and one we will not forget any time soon. Thank goodness we have pictures to prove it!Here's what some of our members thought of this redhead beauty and her bodacious little bod;"Oh man... so sexy. Geez. Marga, you are something. Thanks for posing for us and come back soon please.""More please of this hot sexy dish.""Marga is so lovely with her porcelain skin and red locks. Great nudes!""a warm welcome to Marga, thank you to be part of the Femjoy family, i love your nice body.""I think this girl and the photo shoot is excellent. Would love to see even more...""All I can say is wow!""Beautiful face, flawless nude body - it can't get any better than this! Marga is just stunning!""Welcome to Marga, here to represent the redheads of the world...and what a gorgeous representative she is! She has such a delicate face, and that fiery copper-red mane of hair is a thing of natural beauty in itself. She fills these shots with so much so much fun and personality too, equal parts sugar and spice. What a pure delight!; she''s more than welcome to lose herself in my arms, anytime she'd like...""I would never make it to work on time waking up with this gorgeous little thing in bed with me. So sexy.""Very hot model and very arousing set of pictures, love the red hair, love the different facial expressions, excellent variety of poses, and I am a bottom lover so I like this picture as she spreads her ass open for full exposure. Awesome.""Well said members, and thanks for the comments. We totally agree and hope to bring you much more of this red hot beauty. Until then, please enjoy this latest set and get lost in her arms. Enjoy!

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