This week's Best of Femjoy features the ravishingly beautiful, super sexy Ariel in "Living". Ariel has been with us for some time and each time she is with us, it is a delight and a pleasure. Yes, she is absolutely beautiful, and sexy, and sultry, but in addition to that, she is simply a pleasure to be around. Every minute she is on the set, she is a delight. Soft spoken, smart, funny, sensitive and eager to please. These are only a few of the reasons we've chosen Ariel to be our Best of Femjoy this week. Here are some others; "An exquisite set of am exquisite woman shot by a master photographer. I love the bright white light highlighting her rich red hair and beautiful pink skin. Just wonderful. Thank you to all involved for this wonderful set.""Thanks, Ariel, for posing your beautiful buttocks naked for us. You make such a lovely elegant image.""wow wow... wow...""Oh, my....I think Ariel is looking better than ever. And that's saying a LOT!""Yes! Yes! Yes!""Absolutely fabulous! A wonderful pure nude study of amazing Ariel. This is the only way to appreciate how beautiful she is. From the top of her gorgeous red hair to the bottom of her adorable soles, she is an angel.""Slowly but surely, Ariel is becoming a woman instead of a girl. Amazing!""Great! This is a full-figure shot of Ariel I will use as wallpaper!""I like how her breasts hang, just so beautifully!""Ariel is perfect from both the front and the back. She is ageless, and will always turn men's heads!""Ahhhhhh, my dearest Ariel, I love whatever you did to your hair. And as always, I am so in love with your beautiful and large breasts and perfect round nipples. And please keep your bush just as it now is -- it is purr-fect, just like you.""Picture perfecto!""My heart is pounding"Well said members. We like her too. :) We hope you enjoy this latest set - and all of her other sets with Femjoy - and stay tuned for more from this living doll. Enjoy!

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