This week's Best of Femjoy features the exquisitely beautiful and radiant Lorena G. in "Let It Flow". She's been letting her beauty flow with us for some time now and she just gets more and more beautiful with each photo shoot. Hard to believe, but it's true. Perhaps it's her inner beauty that keeps shining through, making her ever more beautiful on the outside. Whatever it is, we can't get enough of it, or her. :) Our members seem to feel the same way. Here's what some of them had to say about this timeless beauty and her latest set; "I am amazed at how absolutely gorgeous and gracious Lorena is. There is nothing I would change about her. From head to toe.. she is beauty in form and style.""Simply GLORIOUS!!! Lorena, as always, is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. What more needs to be said?""We all fantasize: a face, a smile, a body and a spirit combining to make a woman. My fantasies have not come close to the spirit and beauty of Lorena. Thank you Lorena and Stefan for this photo set."'Most beautiful She is and great is the Artist. Thank you Lorena G. Thank you Stefan Soell.""Absolutely gorgeous little hottie!""One of the prettiest faces anywhere! Beautiful eyes.""My beloved Lorena. In a site--make that a world--of women whose very being sparkle and shine with warmth, sincerity and pure beauty both inside and out, no one compares to you. Still. And always.""Absolute beauty...Candescent delight...Entrancing femininty...My beloved Spanish princess, it is so good to see you again. You are the Vision of all visions. I never tire of gazing upon you."""Lorena your an amazing woman!! ;-D""This is a 'Gorgeous' set! Lorena G is simply an 'amazing' girl.""Her eyes could 'melt' the hardest of 'Souls'! Thanks!""Deliciously cute!"Well said members. Obviously, we totally agree. There's not much else to say about this amazingly beautiful woman other than what's already been said so we'll just let her pictures - and her beauty - speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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