We have chosen Eufrat in her hot new photo set, Juicy, for this week's Best Of series for one reason and one reason only - Eufrat has been with us for a while, and in this new series you can see that she's growing up from a nervous young model to a full-fledged woman, and her sensuality is literally dripping off her body. Eufrat is maturing. Her breasts are larger, her nipples darker and rounder, her curves are curvier, and she has that look in her eye like she knows what it means for you to be desiring her. She's a very popular model, both on our site and on others, but there's nothing like Eufrat on FEMJOY. We have the finest photos of her you'll find anywhere, because she opens up to our photographers in a way she doesn't to anyone else.What great joy could there be than watching such a beautiful young woman gain her sensual powers as she shares them with you?

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