This week's Best of Femjoy features the always sexy and beautiful Fai in "Italian Love". Frankly, we don't care what kind of love it is, as long as it's with Fai. We've worked with her several times and it is always a treat. She is such an exiting woman... smart, adventurous, funny, sarcastic... and of course, gorgeous. Every time we do a shoot with her, she gets more and more confident and teases the crew more and more. It's quite enjoyable, and very sexy. Here's what some of our members feel about her; "Love the freckles. Her eyes are amazing. A stunning perfect face.", "Fai is one of my Favourites @Femjoy. I love her pretty Face and her body is absolutely stunning.", "To say that Fai is a feast for the eyes seems a cliche, but it's true. You can look though all of these photos and find new things endearing and beautiful about her in every shot. What a wonderful young woman.", "Simply beauty-full!!!" We couldn't have said it any better and we're so glad to be able to bring the wonderful, sexy and beautiful Fai to Femjoy, and to keep bringing her, as she has given us all so much joy. We hope you visit her sets and see what we mean. Enjoy!

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